10 tech news to get you started for the day (10/21)

Good Morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you can know everything that happened last Tuesday (20th). To check each news in full, just click on the links below.

1. WhatsApp Web starts testing voice and video calls from the computer. Feature is still in the testing phase, but it can already be released on the platform in the coming weeks.

2. Windows 10 Update: See what the new Start menu looks like. In addition to the new Start menu, the latest Windows 10 update features a different Alt+Tab shortcut and a Microsoft Edge with Chromium.

3. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro arrives in Brazil for R$ 3,199. Super-resistant smartphone arrives in the country with a promotional price.

4. Cyberpunk 2077 will have lip sync for all languages. Work done in partnership with JALI Inc. allows perfect lip sync in 10 different languages ​​for all Cyberpunk 2077 characters.

5. Gocycle launches a folding electric bike with 80 km of autonomy. Gocycle G3+ is a luxury bike with very high autonomy, light magnesium frame and its own lighting system.

6. Away: Netflix cancels space series starring Hilary Swank. The series Away, with actress Hilary Swank, was canceled by Netflix after only one season of streaming.

7. New Papamóvel is powered by hydrogen and was made by Toyota. Sustainable model runs on hydrogen and was donated by the Confederation of Bishops of Japan.

8. Bennu: how to watch the mission on the asteroid this Tuesday (20). NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe is on a mission to collect soil samples from the asteroid Bennu.

9. In an unprecedented research, Brazilian paleontologists find ‘dino zombie’. Parasites found inside a Titanosaur’s bones may have caused the animal’s extremely painful end.

10. Government says dewormer combats covid-19, but shows no data. A clinical trial carried out by the Ministry of Science and Technology reportedly showed a decrease in viral load after the use of nitazoxanide.

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