Canvas Pro to share: understand how it works

Canva is an online graphic design tool. The platform is used to create art for social media, edit images, prepare layouts, create visual identity for brands and campaigns and more, all in a practical and easy way.

The tool has a free version and has the Canva app, but it also offers a more turbocharged option, with even better features and benefits, called Canva Pro. Recently, the Pro version package had some changes, and in this article we came to talk about one little about.

What is Canva Pro?

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Canva Pro

Canva Pro makes it easy to collaborate with your team and share templates and design resources, and let you comment on and enjoy the work of others.

Free for 30 days

Canva Pro is the paid version of this online photo, image and video editor. Even in the free version the tool is very useful, but with Canva Pro some features go further and include some benefits that are very useful for those looking for Canva for business.

In addition to all the free Canva features, Canva Pro offers:

  • 100GB of cloud storage space
  • More than 100 million files for professional use (including photos, videos, images, audio and graphics)
  • More than 610,000 free templates
  • Function to remove background from photos instantly
  • Option to resize designs as often as you like
  • Scheduling on social networks for 8 different platforms
  • Up to 100 branding kits for you to apply your company’s color palette and visual identity

The Pro service has also recently received updates and has undergone a price change.

Canva Pro News

Canva Pro is Canva's paid mode for creating unique designs and layouts.
Canva Pro is Canva’s paid mode for creating unique designs and layouts.Fonte:  Canva

In the Pro version, Canva offered an individual version and some for groups. However, the value of the individual plan now covers a group of up to 5 people, giving small businesses or small entrepreneurs the opportunity to have the service at a great price and serving their team.

Before the upgrade, Canva Pro cost R$34.90 per month or R$322.80 per year (equivalent to R$26.90 per month). Now, after the update, the plan for up to 5 people costs R$ 289.90 per year (or R$ 24.15 per month or R$ 4.83 per person/month).

In the monthly payment modality, we still have the same amount of R$34.90, but a considerable reduction in the annual plan and the possibility of having up to 5 people connected at the same time.

Team work

With Canva for Business, you and your team can work on a project simultaneously and in real time. You can edit, add comments and feedback, and share your created designs with anyone.

As the platform uses the drag and drop system, it is easy to observe in real time the changes made by your colleagues. Even small changes in images, shapes and texts are transmitted immediately, helping the team to get a good sense of the work created as a team.

Is Canva Pro for me?

Canva Pro received a pricing and roles update for teams.
Canva Pro received a pricing and roles update for teams. Fonte:  Canva

Canva’s paid modality is capable of adding a considerable increase in the productivity of professionals who need access to competent design work. Compared to the free version, Canva Pro offers a lot of premium graphics, plus a large collection of images, photos and videos.

If you are a professional designer, small business owner or social media manager, you can definitely take advantage of this subscription. Creating designs for brands on a regular basis with Canva Pro can help save time, money and effort.

The same can be said of those who manage multiple social media sources at the same time. In the Pro version, automatic layout resizing has the potential to halve your work of adjusting the artwork you create.

Finally, if you work with a team – such as at a marketing agency or a team of designers – the new subscription option is an excellent option too. It is noteworthy that Canva Pro allows you to change the number of members of your team to up to 50 members. From this number onwards, the subscription to the Enterprise modality becomes a good option.

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