Consul launches its biggest refrigerator in the Brazilian market

Consul’s portfolio was reinforced this August with the arrival of two new large-capacity refrigerators, already on sale in the national retail trade. The brand new line has space dedicated to each type of food and was developed to adapt to the needs of families of all sizes, according to the brand.

Available in 410 liters (CRM50HB) and 450 liters (CRM56HK) options, presented by the manufacturer as the largest in the frost free segment, the new Consul refrigerators have an electronic panel and ergonomic handle, among other details in the outdoor area. There is also an exclusive design and differentiated panel on the larger model. Respectively, the suggested price for the models is R$ 3,099 and R$ 3,699.

Internally, the refrigerators have flexible shelves that can be assembled in more than ten combinations, easily accessible drawers, egg holder, bottle separator, fruit bowl and separate drawer for vegetables and vegetables, protecting food. An anti-odor filter helps to get the “refrigerator taste” out of the water and other beverages stored in them.

The new Consul frost free refrigerators are on sale in stainless steel and white.
The new Consul frost free refrigerators are on sale in stainless and white colors.Source: Consul/Disclosure

In the freezer, the appliance brand informs that the ice area has twice the capacity of common models, in addition to coming with a flex shelf that allows for three different configurations. The versions also feature extra space for up to 3 liters in the freezer door and a turbo function to chill beer and soft drinks faster.

Inspired by consumer behavior

The new line of large-capacity refrigerators was developed from the observation of consumer behavior in recent times, cites the company. To serve those who spend more time at home, refrigerators have gained a larger size and better internal organization.

The models are already on sale at Consul’s online store and also at the main retailers in Brazil. They can be found in white and stainless steel.

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