Coronavirus: Brazil begins to apply third dose of vaccine in September

People over 80 and patients with weakened immune systems — who have had an organ transplant recently, have a disease or undergo health treatment that limits the immune response — may receive a third dose of the covid-19 vaccine starting of September 15th.

According to CNN Brasil, the announcement was made by the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, on Tuesday night (24).

Last week, the United States announced that a third dose of the vaccine will be available to the US population after September 20th.

People receive vaccine against Covid-19 in Londrina, Paraná (Source: Isaac Fontana/Shutterstock/Reproduction)

The delta variant, more transmissible than previous versions of Sars-CoV-2, is the main reason for making a third dose available. In addition to passing from person to person more easily, delta is able to “break through” the protection given by the vaccine in some people.

Recent studies have shown that vaccines approved for use so far increase protection after a third dose, but scientists still prefer to wait for more data before “hitting the hammer” on the need to apply an additional dose to the entire population.

Initially, there is some consensus in the medical and scientific community about the application of the third dose to those most vulnerable to severe forms of the disease and death caused by covid-19.

These people, in general, have a weaker immune system, and were the first to receive doses of immunizers in the current vaccination campaign, which indicates that protection may have been reduced over time.

The city of Rio de Janeiro, however, came forward and announced that a third dose will begin to be applied to older people in early September.

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