Google Announces New Privacy Section for Play Store

In order to strengthen user control, improving data security, Google announced, on Wednesday (28), some changes in the Play Store. The main one is the arrival of a new privacy topic to the official Android store, starting in 2022.

In the new section within the Play Store, the user can check information about any app. It will provide details on the use of encryption, show what type of data is collected (location, contact list, etc), how the information is used, and whether collection is mandatory or optional to use the software.

All developers will be required to provide a privacy policy upon implementation of the new security section, even if their apps do not collect any personal information. Those who do not adapt to the novelty may have the app sent to the store or its update rejected.

New Play Store privacy section.
New Play Store privacy section.Source: Google/Disclosure

This change, which resembles the solution offered by Apple on iOS except that information collection is enabled by default on Android, is expected to take effect by the end of Q1 2022. Developers will have until April 22nd next year to create your own topic.

Advertising ID Changes

The news announced also include the Android advertising identifier, provided by Google Play Services, which helps to trace the user’s profile. Soon, anyone who chooses to limit ad tracking will have the ID removed and replaced with a string of zeros.

According to the company, the change will first reach Android 12, from the end of the year, and the other versions of the system in early 2022. Along with the change, the prohibition of collecting the advertising ID in targeted apps will be added children, ensuring greater privacy for the public.

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