Google Launches Interactive 3D Periodic Table to Teach Chemistry

After announcing the release of updates aimed at children and teenagers, Google this Wednesday (11) launched a new feature that should help many students: an interactive and 3D periodic table of chemical elements, which facilitates searches in a fun way .

The new functionality is being integrated into the Google Nest Hub device to encourage chemistry students, but it can now be accessed from any desktop or mobile phone via this link. As there are a multitude of periodic table models available on the internet, Google took care to make yours different, offering some extra features.

How does Google’s periodic table work?

Source: Google/Disclosure
Source: Google/DisclosureSource: Google

In Google’s interactive periodic table, in addition to researching everything that is known about any chemical element, such as atomic mass and melting point, it will be possible to observe the number of electrons in the last layer rotating around the atomic nucleus through a 3D rendering. Some curiosities like “Lithium is a metal, but it’s so soft it can be cut with a knife” are also displayed.

The periodic table is coming in a bundle of Google Assistant updates designed to make family tasks easier, including creating reminders for the Family Bell. This feature, currently only available on smart screens and speakers, will reach the screens of all Android devices in a few weeks.

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