Google Meet welcomes new browser app

This Friday (30), Google announced a new standalone Meet app for browsers. The software has the same features as the traditional platform, however, it promotes greater autonomy and organization for the user by dispensing with tab management in Chrome.

The new Google Meet for web browsers is specifically about a Progressive Web Application (PWA). The term refers to a new software development methodology, which results in programs that mix traditional web pages and mobile applications.

As such, despite functioning as standalone software, the new Google Meet app still requires Chrome, version 73 and beyond, to function. This hybrid approach allows the newly launched platform to be vastly more compatible and work on either Windows, Linux, MacOS or Chrome OS on its very first day.

New Google Meet app for browsers.  (Source: Google Workspace Updates / Reproduction)
New Google Meet app for browsers. (Source: Google Workspace Updates / Reproduction)Fonte:  Google Workspace Updates

The new feature will be available to all users of the Google ecosystem in the coming days, including everything from basic accounts to G Suite Basic and Business. To try it out, just go to the Google Meet website and click on the install icon in the right corner of the Chrome search bar. Then the app will be available on your computer.

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