Google Workspace will directly open Microsoft Office files

Google Workspace continues to simplify the experience with Office content. Microsoft file shared links stored in Drive will now open directly in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

The change skips the opening step of projects in preview mode. According to the company, the update aims to streamline work routines by allowing users to start editing materials faster.

Example of using the new Google Workspace tool.
Example of using the new Google Workspace tool.Source: Google/Disclosure

This is great news for people who deal with different file formats on a daily basis. The update will make the workflow more comfortable and efficient for a large part of the audience.

By default, users who receive shared links with Office files will be able to open them directly in Workspace. Apparently, administrators do not have control over the new feature.

What’s more, the change will also update the “alternateLink” and “webViewLink” fields for documents shared in the Drive API. This will allow for a complete transition even for developers.

When will the feature be available?

According to Google, the gradual release of the update started on July 30th. All Workspace users and G Suite Basic and Business customers are expected to have access to the feature by the end of August.

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