Halloween: Google celebrates Halloween with Doodle and mini-game

Google is celebrating yet another Halloween with its new Doodle on the search page. The company remembered the date with a special animation starring kittens in a mini-game.

The premise is simple: the cat needs to save his friends who have been shipwrecked. However, this region of the ocean is full of ghost threats, aggressive fish, squid and other deep ocean creatures. You must cast spells by the kitten to fight enemies and reach your teammates.

a Google/Reproduction

It is an interesting pastime for small breaks, being a simple and uncomplicated game. Spells are composed of mouse movements or on-screen gestures that are equivalent to the symbols displayed over enemies’ heads. If you use a certain strategy, it is possible to add more points when performing spells that attack more than one enemy simultaneously.

On the official Doogle page, Google revealed part of the creative process and construction of the mini-game — going from the initial concepts of the cat, the enemy animations and the game mechanics. At the end, cat lovers can enjoy some cute pictures of one of the breeders and a cat that supposedly served as the basis for the protagonist.

To expedite your search, Google Doodle for Halloween 2020 is available directly from this link and should join the other celebrations as the day ends.

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