Twitter Trending Topics: find out how to access it on your cell phone

Os Trending Topics (TTs or “Issues of the Moment”) are the result of a selection of the words and topics most posted on Twitter during a given period. The tool uses an algorithm that standardizes subjects based on who you follow, your interests and your location.

Twitter’s algorithm identifies topics that are currently popular, not those that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis. That way you can find out what’s going on right now, right now, within the social network.

Very useful to understand the audience, make marketing strategies or just search for “hot” keywords, Twitter TTs sometimes make it a little tiring to be located on smartphones, but do not require any kind of trick or shortcut to be located , neither on Android nor iOS. The paths are the same.

Below, we made a small step by step to access the Trending Topics on the Twitter app.

Step 1

Just open Twitter and go to the main tab.

Source: Twitter/Reproduction
Source: Twitter/ReproductionFonte:  Twitter

Step 2

Look for the “magnifying glass” icon in the lower menu, below the timeline, between the house and the bell. Touch it.

Source: Twitter/Reproduction
Source: Twitter/ReproductionFonte:  Twitter

Step 3

Next, go to the top menu, below the search bar, and tap on “Today’s Issues”. The list that appears is the one that shows the current trends, in your city, in the country or in the world.

Source: Twitter/Reproduction
Source: Twitter/ReproductionFonte:  Twitter

It is important to note that the number of Tweets related to certain subjects is just one of the many factors that the algorithm uses. Some algorithms, hot topics and hashtags can be grouped under the same topic. Twitter cites the example of “#SegundaÂnimo” and “#ÂnimoParaSegunda”, which are unified in the latter.

Customize current topics

In the same way that you can choose “Subjects for You”, you can also change the location of Current Issues by selecting a specific country or global trends. By default, Twitter assumes the location of your device, which, for this, must have its access granted.

And if you want to participate in a current issue, that is, enter Trend Topics, just post a Tweet using the word or phrase exactly as it is appearing in Current Issues (including hashtag, if there is). As there are many people tweeting about Trend Topics, you may not find your Tweet, but it will be seen by your followers.

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