Windows 11: get to know useful system shortcuts

Windows 11 preview is available to many users through Windows Insider. Among the many new features, the upcoming operating system from Microsoft features new keyboard shortcuts that are useful for everyday use.

Although some “tricks” of Windows 10 still remain, the new software brought some modifications that make tasks more productive. Know some of them:

Windows key + W to access widgets

Source: Microsoft/Disclosure

Widgets are one of the new features of Windows 11. The tool allows you to check information about the weather, read news and even consult the user’s personal calendar.

So Microsoft created a shortcut to quickly access the resource. The person must just press the key Windows + W to open the Widgets panel, eliminating the need to click on the option in the taskbar.

Windows key + Z to organize windows

Source: Microsoft/Disclosure

For multitasking people, Windows 11 has the Snap Groups feature that lets you adjust windows with different display layouts. This option can be accessed by hovering the mouse or stylus over the maximize button.

However, when pressing the keyWindows + Z after clicking on the title bar, the user will see all available Snap Groups options. A simple trick that gives you more agility to organize your workspace.

Access Notification Center and Quick Settings

Source: On MSFT/Reproduction

In Windows 10, users often use the Windows key + A to open the Notifications and Actions panel. However, Windows 11 separated the two areas and renamed them Notification Center and Quick Settings.

Thus, the person must press the key Windows + N to openthe notifications window system and calendar. Offering a cleaner experience, the option appears as a bar that floats on top of other programs that are open.

User can repeat the old shortcut with Windows key + A to access Quick Settings. Thus, the floating window shows controls for volume, screen brightness, music player, Wi-Fi options and other features.

Did you like the Windows 11 shortcut tips? Which ones do you intend to adopt on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments!

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