Windows 11: Microsoft introduces new print and Word tool

This Wednesday (4), Panos Panay, Microsoft Product Manager, made a little tease on his Twitter account and released the new Windows 11 screenshot tool. In addition, the company’s official account also released a teaser about Word’s new dark mode; check out the videos below.

The novelty seems to combine features of the native Windows 10 screen capture application with the “Capture and Sketch” service – even the logo is similar –, which is on the Microsoft Store. From what can be seen, it will be possible to draw over the selected area, highlighting certain parts with pen and highlighter tools.

This Thursday (5), the brand released the 22000.120 preview version of Windows 11 without the feature. Panay says the initiative will be made available to Windows Insider subscribers “soon,” but did not specify a date.

Word Dark Mode

Being even less specific than the manager, Microsoft’s profile released a picture of Word’s dark interface, showing the color shift even on “paper”. As evidenced by comments in the post, the aesthetic has been implemented in Office programs since February, but not all users have access.

It seems the Tweet points to a wider spread, evading the exclusivity of the Office’s Insider program.

During the Inspire conference in July, Windows Enterprise Director of Product Marketing Melissa Grant said the company intends to be more emphatic about using the new color standard, but the company has already said that dark mode will not be implemented as such. default on all machines running Windows 11.

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