Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could have the fastest loading ever

The target of several rumors over the past few months, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has received some certifications in China recently, suggesting the upcoming launch of the brand’s new flagship. In one of them, records indicated that the cell phone will have the “fastest charging in history”.

According to information obtained by the Chinese leaker @DCS and shared on the Weibo social network this Thursday (10), the Mi Mix 4 charging power will update the historical records. He points out that the long-awaited smartphone, whose debut has been confirmed by Xiaomi for this year, will support 200W fast charging.

However, this huge capacity must be split between wired and wireless charging, due to some limitations imposed by local legislation. In traditional mode, at least 120W would be used for fast charging, while for wireless charging it would be limited to 70W.

Mi Mix 4 should be released in 2021.
Mi Mix 4 should be released in 2021.Source: Gizchina/Reproduction

Despite the division of capacity between the two modes, Xiaomi’s phone will set a new record, according to the Gizchina, making it the fastest charging phone to date. Remember that the data has not yet been officially confirmed by the brand.

Fast Charging System Security

High power charging always raises user safety concerns. But according to the leaked information, the Chinese company’s engineers took several precautions to ensure protection when using the 200W quick charge system.

There are more than 40 safety measures included in the certification project to prevent accidents during battery recharging. Among them, precautions related to load voltage, temperature, current and protocol are listed.

Still no debut date, despite the already announced arrival by the end of 2021, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 should have other innovations. In addition to the possibility of folding screen, it can come with under-screen camera technology and liquid lens.

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