YouTube launches page debunking rumors about platform

YouTube has launched a “Myths and Facts” page that promises to bring more transparency into how the platform works. Available at this link, the news provides details on how the video site addresses controversial issues such as disinformation and removal of content.

The main content of YouTube’s new transparency page is summarized in the video below, which brings up some of the myths about how the platform works. By visiting the “Myths and Facts” portal, the user can access the information in more detail.

According to the company, the purpose of the new page is to ensure more transparency and promote quality information about YouTube. The video platform is constantly at the center of controversy over the spread of false news and has recently even been sued for causing psychological damage.

The company emphasizes on the new page that it is always improving its technologies to promote a virtual environment with quality information. According to YouTube, the algorithm has received more than 30 changes since early 2019 to reduce the spread of content that violates the platform’s guidelines.

YouTube also points out that it constantly removes videos with inappropriate content. According to data released by the company, the site deleted more than 17 million videos during the first half of 2020 alone.

Fonte:  YouTube

The company says it follows court orders, but the main reason videos are removed is for violations of the site’s policies. YouTube further emphasizes that users have a right of reply and can defend themselves before content is removed.

The page also has details on YouTube’s video recommendation system. The algorithm that indicates videos to the user constantly generates controversy and even became the subject of a study by Mozilla. However, Google’s platform ensures that it is careful not to spread videos that defend disinformation agendas, such as the Flat Earth theories.

To check out all the information in more depth, visit YouTube’s Myths and Facts page, which has all content in Brazilian Portuguese.

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